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Gerber Recon Four-Colour Flashlight with Twist Bezel

Image of Gerber Recon Four-Colour Flashlight with Twist Bezel

Genuine Gerber® brand Military-Grade 4-Colour LED Recon Task Flashlight. The perfect size for dog walkers; keep in your purse or pocket. A professional flashlight with a twist bezel, providing four output colours: White (personal flashlight), Red (to preserve night vision), Green (for map reading and to observe wildlife at night) and Blue (for liquid identification - just think of CSI). The flashlight is water resistant and made from high quality anodised aluminium. It has an overall length of 8.4 cm and weighs only 74 grams, with an integrated clip for hands-free use. The pack includes one AA size Energiser Battery. Availability: Limit of 3 Gerber Recon Flashlights per Order.

The Gerber Recon Tactical Flashlight is designed in Oregon, USA. This 4-colour torch makes a unique learning tool for school children, displaying the different characteristics of light waves. It is also a great personal torch when camping; with its focussed LED beam you won't disturb others in the night when nature calls!

Perfect gift for campers, outdoor enthusiasts & nature lovers. Priced at $89.95 for the flashlight and battery.