Gerber® RECON 4-Colour Task FLASHLIGHT: Ideal for Dog Walkers & Campers

Image of Gerber® RECON 4-Colour Task FLASHLIGHT: Ideal for Dog Walkers & Campers

Genuine Gerber® brand military-grade L.E.D. Recon Task Flashlight. The perfect size for dog walkers; keep in your purse or pocket. A professional flashlight with a clever twist bezel, providing 4 output colours: White (a personal flashlight), Red (to preserve night vision), Green (for map reading and to observe wildlife at night) & Blue (for liquid identification - just think of CSI). The flashlight is water resistant and made from high quality anodised aluminium. It has a length of 8.4 cm (3.3") and weighs only 74 grams (2.6 oz.), with an integrated clip for hands-free use. The pack includes one AA size Energiser Battery.

This Gerber Flashlight is designed in Oregon, USA. It is a unique learning tool for school children, showing the effect of different lightwaves in the dark. It is also a great personal torch when you are camping; with its narrow beam you won't disturb others in the night when nature calls! A perfect gift for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. A holster with a 360 degree rotating belt-clip, to position the flashlight in any direction, is also available for only $10.00 extra.

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