SAFEGLOW™ FLICK ARM/WRISTBANDs: Wraps around your wrist with just a flick!

Image of SAFEGLOW™ FLICK ARM/WRISTBANDs: Wraps around your wrist with just a flick!

SAFEGLOW™ Flick Arm/Wristbands help to keep you safe when you are out exercising, jogging, running, cycling, hiking, camping or walking your dog at night, by increasing your visibility to around 200 metres. The Flick-bands provide you and your loved ones with real peace of mind. With just a 'flick of your wrist' these L.E.D. Wristbands will wrap around your wrist, arm or leg in an instant, and will fit anyone over 10 years old. They are lightweight and attach directly to your arm, or over your shirt and coat sleeves. Our SAFEGLOW Flick Wristbands have 2 modes: Steady Glow or Slow Flash and use one low-cost replaceable CR2032 Battery (which is included with each Wristband). PINK colour available. SAFEGLOW L.E.D. Wristbands are made with high-quality materials - beware of cheap imitations.

WARNING: Batteries should be kept SECURELY AWAY FROM CHILDREN where they can't access them. Batteries can burn internally, so if swallowed you must seek URGENT medical attention!

SAFEGLOW Flick Wristbands are value-priced at $23.50 for one wristband and only $45.00 for two wristbands. The Wristband will glow for up to 60 hours on the Slow-Flash mode before the battery requires changing.

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