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Safeglow® LED CLIP LIGHT: For Safety at Night. Dog Walking & Cycling.

Image of Safeglow® LED CLIP LIGHT: For Safety at Night. Dog Walking & Cycling.

Safeglow® LED Clip Lights use the latest LED technology with hard-shell construction and strong spring-loaded clips. Clip Lights can attach to your coat, pants, belt, collar, backpack, pram, tent etc. The lights are water resistant and made for tough outdoor use, with four push-button modes: Off, Slow Flash, Fast Flash & Steady Glow. The lights are very bright & can be seen at a distance of over 300 metres, providing you with piece of mind when you're out walking, jogging, hiking or cycling at night.

Clip Lights can also be used as a handy personal torch when you are camping and you don't want to disturb others with a bright flashlight. Each unit uses two low-cost replaceable CR2032 Batteries (included with each light).

Clip Lights are $9.50 for 1 light and $18.50 for 2 lights. The lights will run for over 40 hours on the Slow-Flash mode before the batteries require changing.

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