6 Adhesive BAG TAGS all in one Colour - Four Large Tags & Two Mini Tags

Image of 6 Adhesive BAG TAGS all in one Colour - Four Large Tags & Two Mini Tags

Stick'nGo® 6-Pack Adhesive Bag Tags provide peace of mind when you are travelling; they are flat, flexible and almost indestructible! We think they're the best Bag Tags on the market today!

* This pack includes 4 Large Bag Tags for your suitcases and large items, and 2 matching-colour Mini Bag Tags for your laptops, handbags and duty free bags (labels seal your duty-free bag handles together to protect your items at airports, hotels etc).

* NOTE: competitors sell 6 Bag Tags in one colour for around AU$30 (i.e. $5 per Tag). Our price is AU$15.95 for 6 Bag Tags - that's only $2.65 for each Bag Tag.

* Our unique Bag Tags provide instant colour-coded identification for your bags on airport luggage carousels, making it easy to spot your own bags and make a quick getaway!

* Our Bag Tags are made from a Hi-Tech Material which is strong, waterproof and tear resistant. Our Bag Tags don't break!

* Our Bag Tags are FLAT so you can keep pre-completed spares in your passport wallet or carry-on bag - never get caught without Stick'nGo Bag Tags if you're travelling.

* Stick'nGo Bag Tags carry information to the finder if your bags are lost or stolen, providing real peace of mind whilst you're travelling (see pic of the blue Bag Tag above).

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER. You may also be interested in our unique Carabiner CLIP I.D. for instant bag identification on the go.