SAFEGLOW™ Bike Warning Lights - Sound & Motion Activated. 3-Pack

Image of SAFEGLOW™ Bike Warning Lights - Sound & Motion Activated. 3-Pack

SAFEGLOW™ Bicycle Warning Lights come in a set of 3 L.E.D. Lights; 2 White Lights (for side-on visibility) and 1 Red Light (for rear visibility). The warning lights are designed to help protect bicycle riders from side and rear collisions at night, when road visibility is low. Using the latest hi-tech circuitry, the lights are activated by both sound and motion, providing lights when you are in motion (i.e. when riding your bike) and then switching-off when you are stationary (thus prolonging battery life to over 50 hours before replacement).

The lights attach directly to your bike frame using integrated clips (refer to pics above). Motion Lights have two slide-button modes: Permanent Off and Sound and Motion Detecting On. The lights are very bright and can be seen at a distance of over 300 metres, providing you with peace of mind when you're cycling in the dark or when visibility is low. Each unit uses two low-cost replaceable CR2032 Batteries (which are included with each light).

WARNING: Batteries should be kept SECURELY AWAY FROM CHILDREN where they can't access them. Batteries can burn internally, so if swallowed you must seek URGENT medical attention!

SAFEGLOW Sound & Motion Detecting L.E.D. Warning Lights are priced at $27.50 for 3 lights (Two White Lights & One Red Light) & only $52.00 for 6 lights (2 Sets of Three). The Warning Lights provide over 50 hours of light on the Slow-Flash mode before the batteries require changing.

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