I.D. GIFT PACK: Bag Tags, Cable Labels, Clip I.D., Cable Straps & Artline® Pen

Image of I.D. GIFT PACK: Bag Tags, Cable Labels, Clip I.D., Cable Straps & Artline® Pen

Our Stick'nGo® I.D. Gift Pack makes the perfect gift for family, friends and work colleagues. Each Pack contains our three signature products in your selected colour, plus an Artline® fine-tip Pen and a pack of 5 Cable Straps. *PLUS FREE SHIPPING WITHIN AUSTRALIA.

The Gift Pack is sent in a beautiful Gift Box (with no pricing) and is shipped directly to the person receiving the gift, with a personal gift card from you. Just write your message to the recipient on checkout (in the 'Instructions' Panel) and we'll do the rest. On checkout your transaction record is emailed to you with a reference number & payment summary. Each Gift Pack includes the following 5 quality items:

* 52 Printed & Blank Large Cable Labels. They fit all charger cords & cables up to 7mm in diameter (e.g. office cables). The Labels also feature panels on the reverse side to record your personal I.D.

* 6 Bag Tags - 4 Large Bag Tags for your suitcases & 2 Mini Bag Tags for your carry-on items such as laptops, tablets, handbags & duty-free purchases (seals bag handles).

* 2 Carabiner Clip I.D. - Carabiners featuring our Stick'nGo® Labels, for instant I.D. on the go. Clip onto Laptop Bags for protection.

* Pack of 5 Cable Straps to keep cables neat & tidy; handy when travelling to save space in your suitcase or carry-on luggage.

* 1 Artline® 0.1mm fine-tip Pigment Pen for clear & precise writing on our Labels.

* Gift Box with personal card and gift wrapping - a beautiful Gift Card is included in your purchase. Personalise your card by specifying the Card No. (below) to carry your message. We will write the card for you and pop it in the gift box. Select from the following cards:
(1) Season's Greetings
(2) Happy Birthday
(3) Thank You
(4) Just for You
(5) You are Amazing
(6) Congratulations
(7) Any Occasion
(Sample Instructions to us on checkout: "Card No. 6. Dear Jenny, congratulations on your new job. All the best, David").

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