Blank Adhesive CABLE LABELS (Small Network Size) - 48 pack in one colour

Image of Blank Adhesive CABLE LABELS (Small Network Size) - 48 pack in one colour

Stick'nGo® BLANK SMALL (NetworK) adhesive cable labels identify all of your portable device & USB cables, wires and charger cords (for mobile phones, music players, GPS, tablets, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi devices), as well as all Network and A/V cables.

* This pack contains 48 blank labels. Available in four bright colours for each family member. Identify home, office & network cables and avoid cable clutter!

* Labels feature our innovative 'Wrap Around & Lock-On Design'. Labels are printed on a flexible hi-tech material which is resistant to tearing, chemicals, heat & solvents. They're waterproof too!

* Network cable labels are perfect for I.T. professionals who want tough and reliable labels that will last the distance.

* Note: The second photo shows both our Standard Size Cable Label (on left) and our Smaller Size Cable Label (on right) for you to compare the two label sizes. Refer to our FAQ page for label specifications and dimensions.


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