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Self-adhesive 'Network Size' Cable Labels - 96 Pack in One Colour

Image of Self-adhesive 'Network Size' Cable Labels -  96 Pack in One Colour

Stick'nGo® Blank 'Network Size' cable labels will identify your portable device & USB cables, wires & charger cords (for GPS, mobile phones, music players, tablets, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi devices). Fast I.D. for your home theatre and network cables. Perfect for tradespeople; Label Sheets can be kept in your toolbox.

* This 'Network Size' pack contains 96 blank labels. SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 2 or more 96-Label packs & receive a FREE 32-Label 'Office Size' multi-colour pack valued at $24.50. Limited Offer.

* Available in four bright colours to indicate device name, cable location and/or owner. Colour-code your cables for effortless instant identification.

* Labels feature our innovative and protected 'wrap around & lock-on design'. They're good looking labels too!

* Stick'nGo Labels are printed on a flexible and waterproof hi-tech material which is resistant to tearing, creasing, heat, chemicals and solvents.

* For over 12 years, Stick'nGo Cable Labels have been trusted by I.T. Professionals and electricians who require reliable cable identification.


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