Blank Adhesive CABLE LABELS (Small Network Size) - 96 Pack in One Colour

Image of Blank Adhesive CABLE LABELS (Small Network Size) -  96 Pack in One Colour

Stick'nGo® BLANK SMALL (Network) adhesive cable labels identify all of your device & network cables, charger cords & audio/visual wires - no more cable confusion. Perfect for tradespeople - keep our Label Sheets in your toolbox.

* This pack contains 96 blank labels in one colour; ideal for network labelling.

* Available in four bright colours to indicate device name, cable location and/or owner. Colour-code your cables for effortless identification.

* Labels feature our innovative and protected 'wrap around & lock-on design' with double-sided information panels. These labels look good too!

* Stick'nGo Cable Labels are printed on a flexible hi-tech material which is resistant to tearing, heat, water and chemicals. Our labels DON'T slide off!

* Network Cable Labels are perfect for I.T. professionals who want tough and reliable labels that will last the distance.

* Note: pics 2, 3 & 4 show both our standard size (large) and small size (network) cable labels for you to compare the two sizes. (Refer to our FAQ page for both label dimensions).


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