Image of SAFEGLOW™ Silicone L.E.D. EMERGENCY LIGHTS - 3 Pack

The SAFEGLOW™ brand Silicone L.E.D. Emergency Lights are Designed and Developed by SAFEGLOW; new to the world market. Our Emergency Lights come in a Pack of 3 lights; made from tough, durable, flexible, water-resistant silicone. Featuring the latest L.E.D. Technology. The lights incorporate our 'Wrap around & Lock-on' Design, enabling the lights to be clipped onto anything - literally. The lights have four push-button modes being: Permanent Off, Steady Glow, Fast Flash & Slow Flash. The lights are very bright and can be seen at a distance of over 300 metres, providing peace of mind when you're driving or cycling at night. Each light uses one replaceable CR2032 Battery (included with each light). The lights are pre-strung on a leather cord and come included with accessories: two metal clips (to clip the light-cord over car windows, your radio antenna etc.), two keyrings (to loop cord over any fixed object), a carry bag and a carabiner belt clip - It's simply amazing; a COMPLETE EMERGENCY KIT IN A BAG. Store in your glovebox, boot or backpack.

Just some of the versatile uses for SAFEGLOW Emergency L.E.D. Lights:
* If your car breaks down at night, or you are changing a car tyre on the side of the road, just hang the lights outside your rear car window to vastly improve YOUR SAFETY AND VISIBILITY in the dark or in low light conditions. Helps to prevent accidents. Emergency vehicles will spot you from afar!
* If you need to leave your car beside the roadway overnight, just hang the lights over the rear window and your battery will not go flat from using your car's indicator lights; SAFEGLOW Emergency Lights have their own battery power source.
* If you get lost in the outback or have a car accident, hang the lights over your car roof to be seen by emergency personnel flying overhead when they are searching for you.
* Keep a kit in your backpack when you are hiking in case you get lost at night.
* The SAFEGLOW L.E.D. Emergency Kit is compact enough to be carried by cyclists and motobike riders, and used as back-up lights if your bike-light batteries go flat.

SAFEGLOW L.E.D. Emergency Lights are priced at $27.50 for a 3-Light Kit, $52.00 for two Kits and $99.00 for four Kits. They’re a thoughtful and affordable gift idea for any car driver, motobike rider, cyclist or hiker.

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WARNING: Batteries should be kept securely away from children where they cannot access them. Batteries can burn internally, so if swallowed seek URGENT medical attention!

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